Tuesday, 4 October 2011

'Korban' at school.

At last, today, after weeks of worrying over the project, due to the slow, very  slow response from the teachers and staff, there is enough participants for the ‘korban’, due to be carried out in a month time. So I took the time off to a kampong 15 km away from the school, with two colleagues, to check on the cow. A beautiful healthy one indeed, which the owner agreed on letting  go for RM2800, inclusive of the cost of transport. Shared among the participants, each will have to fork out RM400 for this once a year ritual.
Anyone confused over the topic? Haha.. in case you are not aware Sir Lan has been chairman for the teachers and staff club of the school, for two consecutive years, a post that is unofficial, handling things that is related to the staff socially, focus on the relationship and welfare among the members. Mind you, dealing with 150 different characters is like hell for the committee, especially when collecting funds is concerned. If only they are as obedient as my Form Six students.
 After a successful stint last year, with the Family Day in Marang as the peak event, 2011 has been  bleak for the club. A well –planned trip to Langkawi was a failure, with tons of reasons given for not being able to join, just a case of difficulty to face something new, as there had never been a trip for the staff since the school was established 20 years ago. The family day put aside, with the committee unable to agree on mutual date. This ‘Korban’ project was at first in a blur, with negative response even from  one of the ustazs, but later on, after  serial of verbal promotions, is ready to become a reality.
Back to the cow, on the way back, one of the colleagues complained on difficulty to handle the ‘korban’. Thinking that we could use more meat to treat the thousand over students, I agreed on her joining us at the school project. So there are two cows.  Surprise.. upon entering the staff room,   Kak Non the treasurer suggested on another cow, as there were extra 4 interested in joining , meaning I have to search for another 3 participants. OK. I called the cow breeder, confirmed on three cows, at the same price. And he sounded very delighted. By noon, there were enough. Seven participants for the third cow.
So its now time for delegation of the task. The special committee is to be formed. The PIBG has to be involved. My tentative flow for the ritual is, slaughtering ritual at 10.00 of the third day of ‘Hari Raya Aidil Adha’, chopping and cutting into pieces should go on until 12.00. The next morning, the cooking will start, and students are expected to have their meals by 10.30. The afternoon session students will come at 11.30 and help themselves before class.  And then there is still the fund to be thought over, for the ingredients, rice, drink, and vegetables.
Almost a month to go, at which I would be busy marking PMR. And after the ‘Korban’, two weeks later  will be the annual end-of-year high-tea, Riyaz Heritage being the venue. That should be my last task. Still in the dark over the person to take over the job next year. Any suggestion? 


  1. It was a funny story sir hahaha. Im sure if u become the chairman again, this programme will be held again

  2. It was a funny story sir hahaha. Im sure if u become the chairman again, this programme will be held again