Friday, 7 October 2011

E-mail from the grave.

This joke I heard from a hotel room-mate while attending a course seven years ago. Since then, I've been using it to test my new students on their listening ability. The focus ones, normally the more fluent, would laugh out instantly, some would ask around first and laugh few minutes later, some were left blank  until the end of the lesson, and became the laughing material instead.

A couple from a northern state of the country had planned a holiday in a city in a southern state.  However, on the day they were supposed to leave, a cousin from the wife’s side passed away.  Since everything had been arranged, the wife suggested that the husband leave first, and that she would take the earliest flight a day after the funeral.
Upon arrival at the hotel room, the husband couldn’t wait to send the wife an e-mail, that he forgot to switch on the air conditioner.
While typing the e-mail address, he realised that he was not sure of a few letters.  But he typed anyway, and sent the mail, thinking that it would not do any harm if the mail did not reach the wife. She was coming over anyhow.
As he had typed the wrong address, the mail reached a woman, whose husband died the day before. After reading the mail, the poor woman had a heart attack and fell dead.
A family member who found her dead was shocked when he checked the e-mail.
“It's the e-mail sir, I think that is the cause of her death,” he told the police officer during the investigation. The officer could not believe it but went to the computer and read the mail to make sure. It said:

“Darling,  just checked in.  Can’t wait for your arrival tomorrow. It’s mighty hot down here.”

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