Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Happy Teachers Day.

I just cannot believe that I've been that ignorant. I just found out today, after more than 25 years of service as a teacher, that today, 5th of October, is actually the world's Teachers Day! If the minister involved, or  any officer from the ministry, state education department for that matter, have at least mentioned about it, in the last 24 years, in any related event, I'm very sure I would not have missed this information. Having been involved in the celebration on  every 16th of May all these years, be it at school, district, state, or national level, there must have been a mention over this matter, and obviously I've missed it.Thanks to Fara Fauziana of Hot fm, for bringing up the issue in today's Hot fm morning crew program..

Disturbed over the matter, I decided to test fellow teachers. And to my delight, none of the 10 teachers whom I wished Happy Teachers Day were aware! Yes, delighted I was, as I'm not the only one left behind. In class, before lesson, I brought up the matter and beautiful Rahima and and the gang were kind enough to google over the issue. Yes, launched by the UNESCO back in 1994, and among the Asian countries celebrating on the same day is the Phillipines and South Korea. Most other countries stick to their own day of celebration. Malaysia must have opted to stick to MAY 16 because October is when our schools are focus on public examinations. While PMR is in this week, SPM and STPM is just around the corner. 

Come to think of it, will one day appreciation to the teachers affect the students' performance? Just imagining celebrating the day worldwide, wouldn't it be merrier?

Anyway, Happy Teachers Day to me, and to all teachers, worldwide!!!

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