Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Money is the medium of exchange that man had created centuries ago, to enable them to acquire their needs and necessities. Success means an achievement or accomplishment of a person having been working for it. The phrase Money Equals to Success is implying that these two elements are related; that success can only be attained with money; or that having a lot of money is a proof of success in life. I do not agree with this, as success is   subjective, and it does not necessarily need money to be achieved. Furthermore, there are many other things besides money in life that satisfy a person, to prove that he is successful.
Having all the money that a person needs does not prove that he is successful in life. Paris Hilton’s money that she gets from her multibillionaire hotelier father, for example, is not related to success. She may get a hold of everything that she desires, clubbing every night with celebrity friends, driving luxurious sport car, showing off  expensive clothes, but there is not a single thing in her life that can be said as success as she had never worked for it. In fact, by the way she is running her life, especially with the excessive drinking and smoking, money is actually ruining her life; more to Money Equals to Failure!
The true meaning of success is having the satisfaction of an accomplishment after working hard for it, especially with the grueling experience that comes along with it. A daughter of a poor fisherman in Kota Bharu Kelantan, scored full 4.00 GPA in her STPM back in 2008, a proof that money has nothing to do with success. Living in a small wooden hut that seemed to be going down anytime, with 5 other siblings, eating decent meals earned by the father just enough to survive, forget about tuition classes and expensive reference books, what this lass needed was the mere spirit to improve her family’s life, and went on to mug on her notes day and night, forgetting all the funs that any other youth like her would yearn for. All these are well paid for as after the successful STPM, she easily obtained the sponsor to further her study abroad. I believe there are other cases similar to this, where money is not the major role in achieving success.
For a person who believes in a simple but happy life, success means being able to earn enough for the family and to enjoy life as it is. There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to watch the children grow up to being useful adults who, at the end of the day, take their turn to take care of their parents. This particular person would die happy and contented unlike a person who breeds his children with money, who, in the end, would only be concerned for his money. A report in a local newspaper recently saw three siblings who had left their mother in an old folks’ home for years, only to come back on her funeral to ask for her valuable assets and money. The home operator, having promised the late mother to donate everything to an orphanage, had to reluctantly give them everything to avoid problems. This mother would definitely not regard her life as successful despite all the money that she had.
In conclusion, money does not equal to success. It might be handy in the process for success, but there are things like hard work, skills, patience and diligence that are more dominant. The satisfaction over the effort brings the true feel of success.

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