Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Welcome 2012... although its a bit too late.

Assalamualaikum. Wow... it's been exactly four months since my last update. The truth is, it took me almost 15 minutes to get into my own blog due to wrong typing of password. Yes, not only I have not updated, but I've not opened the blog in these four months.
2012 started off as a busy year for me. for the first time after four years, I'm given one form 4 (the best class) and one form 5 (the almost weakest class), besides the usual 2 Upper Six. Not to mention the Lower six that will come in May. So it has been a hectic 2 months, where teaching is concerned.
The biggest problem is the form 5; a mixture of super notorious boys, who frequent the disciplinary room for cases like playing truants and smoking, who need to be reminded all the time to pay attention during lessons, and a bunch of non-stop-talking girls, whose names are also in the top of the discipline master. Then there are five students with sight problems, 3 of them total blind, using the braille machine, the other two using magnifying glasses to read already enlarged text. Not that I'm complaining, but there is really problem in focusing, even with my 25 years of teaching.  Then there's the guiding teacher for the blind students, who has to attend all the lessons; a very awkward situation for me as there's always a feeling of being tested on my teaching method. Looking at the positive side, however, this perhaps adds to my teaching experience, and further strengthened my teaching skill.
In co-curricular activities, besides the usual choir, this year I will have to handle the nasyid, and kompang; and after 2 months I've not been able to see the students for practice. Serves me right, for going all out on the choir last year, that resulted in winning the state level competition that came with RM5000 prize money plus the earlier RM3000 for the district level.  Well it was a case of self-satisfaction, despite the fact that I was the oldest among the choir teachers in the competition, and the only DG 48! Well, this year the school is not allowed to take part in choir, to give chance to other schools. Nasyid is however around the corner.
Another new thing this year is that I am being 'lucky' to be chosen by the education department to be a member of a Survey Research team on the need to abolish class streaming based of academic performance in schools. After a three-day-stint in Kuantan early February, I will be travelling to Kota Bharu end of March, besides the frequent meetings in JPNT. It is keeping me busy, but yet another new thing in my teachig profession.
Well that's about it I guess, hoping to have time to write new posts after this.

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